Discover the Andes from a unique perspective: 3720m above sea level on a Stand Up Paddle Board.

SUP Basic

Discover the Andes from a unique perspective: 3720m above sea level on a Stand Up Paddle Board.

35 minutes from the Cusco, at our headquarters in Piuray Outdoor Center we offer a break from the usual tourist route, by offering you a way to experience the outdoors away from mobs in unbeatable natural settings.

Our trip starts in the morning, leaving at 8:00am from Cusco in a scenic ride on the road to the Sacred Valley. We reach our destination in Piuray 3,720 above sea level. Once settled we begin with: a gentle breathing exercise, a yoga-based warm up, and a SUP and safety briefing on land. We then enjoy a leisurely paddle in mirror flat waters ideal for beginners and experts alike. Returning to land to enjoy a healthy snack and a stretch and rest in magnificent surroundings.

We return to Cusco around mid-day, with a healthy appetite to enjoy you’re a nice relaxing afternoon in the city.


Activy Intensity

Family Friendly
Easy / Intermediate


Year Round


Half Day
Departure: 8:00 am
Return: 1:00 pm


Light Snack:
Fruit / Trail Mix / Water
Upgrades Available

Passanger Minimum

2 pax

Whats Included

  • Transportation
  • Equipment(SUP,Wetsuit,etc)
  • Fotos & Videos of the Outting
  • Food (Light Snack)**
    ** Other Alternatives Available

What Should I Pack?

  • Bathing Suit
  • Sunscreen
  • Warm Change of Clothes
  • A Smile


Piuray Lake - District of Chinchero , Cusco Perú

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

Stand Up Paddle boarding is one of the fastest growing water sports. The activity is low impact and available to just about anyone with any athletic inclination.

At our Piuray Location the mirror-like flat conditions of the lake provide an ideal setting for beginners, and advanced paddlers alike. Beginner can learn in a safe environment, enjoying a leisurely pace in a beautiful setting - while the more experienced paddlers can perfect their paddling technique, and test their endurance at 3720 meters above sea level. Making it an ideal family outing

Other Activites:

Not ready to paddle? Our spectacular surroundings are ideal to rest enjoy the view, and relax. We also offer other activities such as bird-watching, strength training or Yoga Sessions

I’m not a religious person, but I feel a connection to the water that can almost be described as spiritual. I had been missing the ocean as I traveled through the highlands, and this day on the lake was exactly what I needed.

Food Upgrades

Expand Your Gastronomic Experience:

Box Lunch

Extend your stay and enjoy our fresh Focaccia Chiken Sandwich Box Lunch.


A Custom BBQ on the lake shore with local ingredients.


Enjoy this traditional andean preparation method, cooking on the ground.


Tell your friends you will be paddling in the Andes, surrounded by Inca History

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Pongobamba - Piuray Outdoor Center

Chinchero, Cusco - Perú.

P: +51 992 755 067
F: +51 994 259 306